Building Inspections Adelaide will provide you with a wide range of services that are important for residential, corporate and realtor services. Our home, building and pest inspection will go beyond the required standards of services that you will get around.

We take every
inspection We take every inspection very seriously and therefore, each inspection is as thorough as possible. Our reports and communication is what represents our commitment to integrity and professionalism.

Here are the services that are included in our building inspectors Adelaide:

Pre-purchase building inspections
Pest inspections
Investment inspections
Exceptional customer service
Professional advice
24hr certified tradesman emergency service

Building and Pest Inspection Adelaide is the company to call on for all independent building, timber pest, pre-purchase and pre-sale inspection reports. Our primary mission includes performing high quality, pre purchase and pre sale inspections. Our services include a complete range of ant, rodent, pest infection services. We will provide you with comprehensive, accurate and easy to understand reports. These type of reports will greatly assist buyers in making a sound decision whenever you decide to purchase a property.

Our team of
highly skilled staffOur team of highly skilled staff whose services are available around Adelaide and the surrounding areas. We will provide you with a team of impartial, confidential and detailed services.

As an independent building inspectors Adelaide, we act for you as a client and ensure that all the reports are accurate and easy to understand. We always aim to deliver an extremely prompt services that are subject to access of the property.

Our building report is a document that is produced by a qualified expert who has visually inspected all the accessible areas of your home that includes the interior and exterior of the house, sub floor, roof, grounds, fences etc. Our reports provide you a detailed, comprehensive and easy to understand explanation of all the major defects that are present in the main dwelling and the surrounding areas. The inspector would compare the property to other similar properties in context of age, type of construction and level of maintenance.

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