Termites can be a costly threat. They will cost a hefty price on the damages. At Home Services Adelaide, we have a lot of experience when it comes to termite treatment Adelaide. We are skilled at exterminating termites and can easily assess the magnitude of your infestation.

Our Termite Inspection
AdelaideOur termite inspection Adelaide will work towards creating a strategy that will remove them from your facility soon.

We are skilled in tackling some of the most problematic species such as subterranean termites and dry wood termites. Termites have already started with their damage within the area if you find any wood shavings around your residence, building etc. Holes in soft Earth, usually width of pencil are where termites can make their breeding ground. Termites pose a severe structural threat. Here are some telltale signs that include:

  • Mudholes.
  • Bubbles or distorted areas of paint on wooden surfaces.
  • Pencil sized diameter or larger mud tubes running across concrete or masonry between soil or any other part of building.
  • Damaged floors. Paper like wings all of the same type on window sill, countertop or floor.
  • Wood shavings lying around or wooden building parts that begin to sag.
  • Blowholes on trees near your property.

Termites Differ From
Winged AntsTermites differ from winged ants as they have a thick waist at the place where their abdomen is joined to the middle body region.

But, all plants have a pinched in waist. Antenna of termites look like a ‘string of beads’ but ants have a distinctly elbowed antenna. A thorough inspection that is done by Home Services Adelaide’ skilled professional is one of the most important step that will work towards protecting your property. Our experienced eyes can quickly locate the specific areas in your facility where the termite attack has occurred or most likely can occur. Special tools such as moisture meters and sound amplifiers can be used by some of our inspectors if termite infestation is found. Our specialist will design a tailor made treatment that is specific for your facility and just right for your property.

If you think your residence or commercial property is infested by termite, contact us today for building and pest inspection.

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